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Covid-19 Live Insights - Hard rework

dbumbeishvili profile image David B. ・1 min read

I want to republish the coronavirus analytics platform


Covid-19 image

New features :

Live analytics - data updated in every 15 m. It comes from John Hopkins university repo and Worldometers.

Location-based content - based on your location, the corresponding country will be highlighted and corresponding language will be set.

Predictions - Predictions are made using polynomial regression function. 1,2,3 orders of regressions are applied, with rSquared more than 0.9. It lets you see what will happen in one week.

Mobile-Friendly - 50% of viewers were using mobile phones.

It does have one weak point, which is translation. I translated words in different languages using google translate, so they won't be perfect. Here is the translation file

Translate.csv on Github (Pull requests welcome)

As before, you can again check the country and continent level statistics and travel through time.

I don't usually like to republish things, but I spent so much time on this, I can't just let it go unnoticed.

I would appreciate your feedback

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Really good work! Just few issues. Most probably library that you use to translate GUI translates country Turkey to indyk which means in polish the bird turkey, also the name of the month is wrong.


I know about the wrong month name, plan to fix it. I did not know about the country name though, I will also fix it

I updated post and included a link to the translation file. You are welcome to send PR if you notice other irregularities in translations


Amazing work David!!! 😷 Love it!


Coolio..... Why India though ? 🙄


It shows the country where the user is visiting the website from.


Awesome work, David! Thanks for sharing.


Excellent work! Thanks a lot for sharing


One of best examples I've seen of showing this data. Nice work


Great job! Very clear and neat.
I saw one little issue. The number of new cases shown for Italy is 0.


It's because Italy publishes new cases data in the second half of the day. If you want to see previous days' new cases, just move time range slider left side (one day less). It will give you better overall information regarding new cases


Nice project David, thanks for sharing.


Hi. Great work! Could you tell me what chart/graph library you used for this?


I used d3.js almost for all of things


I like the timeline function, it really shows how quickly this virus gets out of control and that we're just starting to feel its effects. Good work.


Thank you, that is one area, which definitely needs improvement though. Nice transitions would make a big difference


Great work. Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.