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Dynamic Config Values for Each PHPUnit Test Case in Laravel

dbilovd profile image David Lartey ・Updated on ・1 min read

This was originally posted on my blog


I am currently working on a USSD application that supports switching between different gateway providers at runtime by changing a configuration value.

Testing each provider test case was simple and straight forward. I would update the value in my phpunit.xml file and off I go. However, I ran into problems when I wanted to run my entire test suite.


It turns out the solution is quite a simple one: Facades. Laravel allows one to mock any Facade when writing your tests. The documentation however, discourages from mocking the Config facade. Instead one should use the Config::set method.

So, I did something along the lines of the code below.

// define your namespace and dependencies here

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Config;

class GatewayProviderOneTest extends TestCase
    public function setUp ()
        Config::set("defaultGatewayProvider", "firstProvider");

    // ... your test methods come here

That’s all I needed. Now GatewayProviderOneTest will run its assertions against the value set as the defaultGatewayProvider: firstProvider.

Additionally, you can revert this to a default value every time in your tearDown method. I however didn’t need to do this.


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espiramarvin profile image
Marvin Espira

I'm curious to know how you implemented your USSD

dbilovd profile image
David Lartey Author

Hi Marvin,

USSD use to also sound complex for me but after a while, I noticed it was just APIs. So if you can build APIs, you can build a USSD application.

If you're just getting started I built a Laravel (Package) to make it really to build USSD applications. You can find it here:

It was actually when I was building this package that I learnt the issue I wrote about in the post.

If you need any help, do let me know.

espiramarvin profile image
Marvin Espira

okay thank you..lemme try it out