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re: Nice article! BTW, I'm the author of DepHell :) The coolest thing about DepHell is you can use it along with poetry. DepHell can audit dependencies...

I’ve just been reading through the docs, they are very thorough. Being able to really understand what a tool does just by reading the docs is rare, well done!

The one thing I didn’t see any mention of is private PyPI repositories. Seems like dephell uses its own resolver and isn’t just a wrapper around Poetry, so it probably doesn’t use the configured credentials. I think this means it wouldn’t work for converting between formats if they use private repos and wouldn’t work for installing/adding/etc. if some packages were private.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but if I’m not, private repo support is the only thing holding me back from using this.


Private warehouse on the way:
You can subscribe on this issue and get a notification when it is done :)

I also have some projects with a local warehouse (artifactory), so I interested in this feature too. For a while, I use DepHell for environments management in these projects.

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