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Hey folks, name's Ilya. My dev path started with analyzing seismic signals with Python (filtering, spectra, correlations, covariations, etc.): my background is in Earth Sciences and Applied Geographic Information Systems. Then I shifted to a more common practice of SaaS, started tech writing, and currently help our brand communicate with English-speaking dev communities.

It happens that from time to time solving product problems results in releasing opensource libs and tools which I believe to have value for the community. Will share those around.

Thinking of interests, these are the ones that occupy my thought more often:

  • Helping non-native English speakers spread their ideas and go for international markets with their products
  • Opensourcing things I worked on as a seismic engineer, not sure if there are many folks around who care about analyzing soils and deriving their resonant frequencies and seismic wave velocities
  • Yay, it's cool I discovered the Soma label's soundcloud stream, here are some vibes from Drafted
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