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Google News | Crawler

// start

Hi everyone!
GitHub of the Project

While I was coding a paid-project from my freelancer career. There was the need to get news from certain topics. I have searched and discovered that there are few solutions for this particular problem. So, this is the reason that I have created this package.

// How To Use

It's pretty simple to use, in which you need to only define the class and call for the method run (async/await)

Example taken from the folder 'example/basic' at the github page.

const { GoogleNews } = require('@vorlefan/google-news')

const news = new GoogleNews(['One Piece', 'Kingkiller Chronicles'], {
    routeName: 'download',
    language: 'en-US',
    localization: 'US',
    route: (route) => {
        route.set('src', __dirname)
        route.inject('download', 'src')

void (async function () {
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// Use Case

If you are creating a web-app, SaaS or whatever that needs to crawler the most recent news from certain topic, this is for you :)

// End

There a lot of feature that I'm planning for this module, then if you want to, please contribute or follow up the news xD

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