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Well React is only one of the big five : VueJS (current fanboi), ReactJS (previous fanboi), AngularJS (faboi before that), then there is jQuery and ExtJS (commercial) - these are the stayers, sure there are other frameworks if you want to work for small dev shops your whole life for bosses that change their js framework with the fanbois. I choose js frameworks that will still be supported in 5+ years.

To be honest I'd rather developers I hire have learned basic JavaScript before learning a framework. Most learn frameworks so they don't have to understand how JavaScript works which is the wrong way around.

Also a full stack developer IS NOT a specialist. They are ALWAYS a generalist - aka they won't (as a rule) write great code end to end. You should always rely on a UI/UX specialist and a backend specialist (and if budget allows a database/data specialist) - that's a killer combo.

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