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Pokemon-Teams App Template Released!

davinaleong profile image Davina Leong ・1 min read


This template is the first part of a 3-part project. The second part is to build a React App, and part-3 is a CMS to update the Pokemon teams. I've always enjoyed playing the main Pokemon games like Pokemon Sun & Moon and Pokemon Sword & Shield. I've been playing them since Pokemon Red & Blue. I can get quite fanatical about battle strategies. Currently I store my own teams on Google Docs. Now finally confident enough in my development skills, I've decided to build an app to house all these teams I made.

Tech Stack

This is a pure CSS template built in SASS, using the Materials Colors palette. I also took advantage of the opportunity to also explore CSS Grid. For example, CSS Grid is used to layout the sidebar and main content. Flexbox is used to layout the team-cards.


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