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re: What was your TDD aha moment? VIEW POST


For me it was more the other way round where I got the gist of TDD, but breaking bad habits it hard. It was hard to break the habit of diving straight into building the function/feature instead of writing the tests first. But once I made the conscious effort to write tests before building the feature, I started seeing my programming skills going up a notch. To the point now I feel like a fish out of water when I don't write unit tests.

The thing that TDD forced me to do (as a junior dev then), was to question the purpose and outcome of the task and feature requirements. Only then can I write my unit tests. If I can't even write unit tests for a task, it means that I am still unclear of the task's requirements. This is especially true in larger companies where the chain of command may be long and with that greater chances of errors and misunderstanding in communication...

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