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Discussion on: What do you do to practice new programming languages and/or frameworks?

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My situation is I studied several languages and always go with books still for the basics; usually able to skim over topics unless it is a new feature like channels or coroutines to name a couple. Spent a lot of time trying to understand implicits and a lot of functional features of scala. I feel a better programmer for it. Then beyond that just start using it or if possible a drop in replacement like Scala or Kotlin in existing java projects. I tend to go the route of setting up a frontend and backend typically straight forward,but not sure what constitutes difficult in your context. I try not to spend a massive time on learning multiple frameworks; because knowing the language is usually more important to me than learning the hottest framework. Then complicated things to me are learning to containerize everything in an effective way advanced Scala topics because there is so much. Though this is just where I am.