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SearQ: A RESTful search engine

Hello everyone!!!

Today I want to tell you about my personal Rails project, SearQ, a search engine based on RSS feeds that I developed myself as an open source REST API.

SearQ was born from the idea of creating a fast and scalable search engine that can handle a vast amount of information from different sources.

Using RSS feeds, SearQ is able to extract the information needed for searches, making it an attractive option for those looking to integrate a search engine into their projects.

SearQ also offers two additional tools: Export and Flow.

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Export allows users to extract a query in CSV format, while Flow enables the creation of a custom JSON endpoint based on a query.

These tools provide even more flexibility and customization for developers working with SearQ. It's great to see that you are constantly updating and improving the project, and are open to suggestions and collaborations.

But the most interesting thing about SearQ is the REST API I developed to allow developers to integrate the search engine into their applications. Thanks to this API, SearQ becomes extremely flexible and customizable, adapting to the needs of individual projects.

To develop SearQ, I used Ruby with Meilisearch an open-source, lightning-fast, and hyper-relevant search engine that fits effortlessly into your apps, websites, and workflow...and several open source libraries.

But the real strength of SearQ is the ability to customize the search experience. Through the use of RSS feeds, it is possible to choose the sources from which to extract information, giving the ability to create thematic and specialized search engines.

SearQ is an evolving project, and I am constantly striving to update and improve it. I am always open to suggestions and collaborations, and I am sure that SearQ can become an interesting option for those looking to integrate a search engine into their projects.

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SearQ, the RSS search engine that is both speedy and free! SearQ offers a RESTful API that simplifies the search for data from RSS feeds. Finding what you need has never been easier with SearQ.

Made With Ruby Built With Love


API search engine based on RSS feeds

SearQ is a REST API that allows users to search for and retrieve information from RSS (RDF site summary) feeds. Instead of relying on a traditional web crawling method, it leverages the information contained in RSS feeds to present the most relevant and up-to-date results to the user.

The engine works by aggregating information from multiple RSS feeds, indexing the content, and allowing users to search through it using keywords or phrases.

By utilizing RSS feeds, the search results are often more targeted and accurate, making it easier for users to find the information they are looking for. Additionally, because the information is being pulled from a variety of sources, users may also be exposed to a wider range of perspectives and opinions on a given topic.

curl -G -H "Authorization: Token {TOKEN}" https://<URL>/api/search.json -d "
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If you are a developer looking for a REST API for search, I encourage you to take a look at SearQ. You will find an open source project that can offer many customization options and a fast and scalable search experience.

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