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GameOn: How AWS and Riot Games Revolutionize the E-Sports Scene with a Splash of Innovation! 🎮

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of participating in the 2023 Riot Games VALORANT Champions VIP Experiential Hospitality Experience for AWS; I recount a bit of what I learned in this article

First, a bit of context

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Riot Games are pioneers in the fast-changing world of video games. Leveraging the capabilities of cloud technology, these industry titans are not only mitigating latency but also redefining the way they stream their e-sports events
A dynamic duo
In July of the previous year, Riot Games partnered with AWS to innovate in several areas. This partnership ranges from improving the production of e-sports events to advancements in music and animation. But that's not all; projects are also being developed to offer access to cloud content in real-time. Thanks to this collaboration, AWS has become a technological pillar for Riot, facilitating artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is a strategic union redefining the technological landscape in video games
Initially, Riot used AWS Outposts, a hybrid solution from Amazon Web Services that allows applications to run in the AWS cloud and its data centers. This ensured a uniform cloud experience, enabling consistent use of AWS tools and services in cloud and on-premises environments. This decision optimized the agility of Riot's games by managing compute resources near its users

However, Riot went further by adopting AWS Local Zones, extensions of AWS regions close to users. These zones reduce latency in real-time sensitive applications, such as online gaming, by shortening the distance between servers and clients. Riot's goal is ambitious but concrete: to achieve latencies of less than 80 milliseconds in games such as League of Legends and less than 35 milliseconds in Valorant

Through this transition to AWS Local Zones, Riot has substantially improved the gaming experience for millions of global users. Players now experience less lag, resulting in smoother and more competitive gameplay.

Local Zones
Not just a game
If the perception persists that video games lack value, it is worth reconsidering. Valorant, the tactical game developed by Riot, eloquently illustrates how video games have the potential to impact brain functioning positively. These games contribute to improved hand-eye coordination, foster team collaboration, and even provide resources for stress mitigation. Their influence is analogous to a mental training center, where the mind is exercised meaningfully

It is essential to recognize that video games such as Valoranthave unfolded a horizon of benefits beyond mere entertainment. Such a perspective aligns with an updated understanding of how these games can contribute to an individual's cognitive and social development

Valorant Pixel
Best of Both worlds
Despite the advantages offered by cloud infrastructure, physical servers continue to play a critical role, especially in live event contexts. Riot has implemented a strategy that combines both technologies to ensure that every millisecond is fully utilized in high-level competitions, such as the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023. These events require the collaboration of thousands of people and meticulous preparation over several months to execute
In a nutshell
The partnership between AWS y Riot Games and Riot Games is like a beacon shining a light on the exciting future of video games and cloud technology. They are breaking new ground and creating new opportunities for all of us game lovers - I can't wait to see what they have in store for the future!
To learn more, check out the official AWS y Riot Games and Riot Games websites - See you in the game! 🎮✌️

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