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FOR THOSE HUNGRY FOR CRITIQUE: the big reason Medium still has something on

David Mora
Dev/designer passionate about dataviz & systems thinking
・1 min read

There's one reason I'm hesitant to jump from Medium fully to (a community I much prefer):

On Medium, funded (albeit paywalled) publications will help me revise and craft my posts before I push them out to the world.

Why is do I take my writing/critique so seriously?

  1. because I think it's a process of thinking clearer that necessarily requires people outside you giving feedback, and
  2. writing greatly boosts our community, particularly when done excellently
  3. When we improve each other's writing, those with great ideas can shine, boosting their career

I'm looking to build a community of who will swap critiques on each other's pieces.

The feedback from a critique should be simple

  1. Your big picture impression: did the main idea come through clearly? when did you feel lost/bored? what made you smile and jump for joy?
  2. Specific, substantial suggestions for improvement
  3. (as a courtesy, we'll try and fix typos before asking for critique)

Please comment with a post (or draft link) if you'd like to join! I can turn a critique around for you in 36 hours, and then I'll respond with a piece of my own. :)

If you see a piece you want to critique, respond to the comment to claim.

Let's help the diversity of brilliance in our community shine even brighter!


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Emma Goto πŸ™

This is a great idea!