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Free learning resources for programmers

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Original post: Free learning resources for programmers

Free learning resources for programmers

Are you looking for free learning resources for programmers? The internet is full of resources to learn how to code, but who are the best of the best?

This is a list of FREE resources for you to learn whatever you want to learn related to coding.

Front End

Free learning resources for programmers - Front end

The Net Ninja – Javascript and Frameworks

The Net Ninja is one of my favourites channels on Youtube. Even I lean more to the backend, his way to teach pushed me to learn Vue. Hands-on tutorial with little (but highly accurate) theory. You will learn what you want in record time.

Ideal if you want to learn any Javascript frameworks and Vanilla Javascript. You'll find information too in D3 and web design.

Academind – Javascript… and something else

I was tempted to put Academind on the General section as they do everything, but most of their videos are about Javascript.

You will find videos about Vue, Angular, React, but also Bootstrap, Flutter, basics things as HTML and CSS, Node, Webpack, etc.

Good videos and highly detailed.

Design Course – Design

If you want to learn more on the design and visual side of web developing, check DesignCourse.

Not only has videos about HTML, CSS and Javascript modules that affect visuals, but you'll also learn how to use Illustrator, Adobe XD, Photoshop and the like.

LevelUpTuts – Javascript, heavy focus on React

High-quality tutorials focused (but not limited to) Javascript and its frameworks, especially React.

Wes Bos – Your Javascript-CSS hero

I learnt about him thanks to his Javascript30 series where I learnt the power of Vanilla Javascript. He definitely knows everything about Javascript.

If you want to learn Javascript, React, Flexbox or CSS Grid, you cannot miss him.

Tania Rascia – Javascript and its universe

Tania's blog has a lot of high-quality, practical content about Javascript and its universe: Vanilla Javascript, React, Vue, testing with Mocha, Jest and more.

If you are interested in the FrontEnd area, you can't miss it.

Steve Griffith – Everything you need on the Frontend

Steve Griffith is an experienced developer and has a lot of amazing videos on web development and web design where he proves it.

From HTML and CSS to React, Bootstrap and even Node.JS, Firebase or Github, Steve has a video on every topic where he explains everything so well that even the most complex concept seems simple.

Kevin Powell – HTML and CSS

You should not forget the basics and Kevin Powell takes care of that.

Weekly videos on small topics of HTML and CSS that you didn't know. Kevin takes a CSS attribute and explains every nook and cranny. And he's very funny too!

Learn JavaScript – Full Course for Beginners

Awesome, free, 3+ hours lesson by FreeCodeCamp that deserves its own section. A good intro for anybody interested in Javascript.

If you need help deciding what to learn, why no check the Frontend Developer road?

Back End

Free learning resources for programmers - backend

Let's Learn About – Python, Django, DRF and more

Let me be upfront first: It is my own Youtube channel.

Here, I have Python and Python-related stuff: Python basics, Beautiful Soup, Scrapy, etc and more coming, such as Flask, Django, DRF and more non-Python stuff (Vue.js, Node.js, Docker, etc). If you don't want to miss anything coming, subscribe here.

Tech with Tim – All you need about Python

Python, Python and Python. Tim focusses on Python and it shows. Not only has tutorials on basic and intermediate Python, but also on PyGame, Machine Learning and more.

If you want to learn Python and also create video-games like Tetris or Snake, check him.

Just Django – Pure Django

Yep. You guessed it. This one is just about Django.

Instead of the mandatory tutorial on Django that creates a plain blog, here you'll find creative uses of Django, such as how to create a Shopping Cart, how to build a chat application, Django Rest Framework and more.

Corey Schafer – Python and Django/Flask

If you love (or want to love) Python and you want to use it as your backend language on web development, Corey is your man.

He is, for me, one of the best teachers on Python and he has been doing it for years. Tutorials on Python, Django, Flask, Python OOP… Where, otherwise, you would find a playlist with 93 videos of Python for free?

The Dumbfounds – Django

Another Youtube channel focused on Django.

As I'm tired of endless Django tutorials where you just build a blog (or a newspaper), I find The Dumbfounds refreshing, as they touch topics that rarely you see, such as Django security, Django testing, how to create a REST API, deployment and more.

DjangoGirls – Django

Well established in the Django community, Django Girls have one of the best Django Tutorials out there (yes, better than the official one).

I did their tutorial and helped me a lot when I was starting on Django.

PrettyPrinted – Python, Flask and Django

More about the Backend stack using Python, with a heavy focus on Flask.

If you are interested in using Python as backend language for websites, with a small, lean microframework, this one is one of the best to learn Flask.

Live Python – Beyond intermediate Python

There is a lot on Youtube and the web in general about learning Python. But what about going beyond beginner stuff? How can you move from beginner to advanced Python programmer?

With their 5-10 minutes, almost daily videos, you will increase your depth and experience as a Python programmer. Open on video and a terminal on the side, and learn something new in a few minutes.

Build With Python – Python

If you want to go deep in something about Python, you need BuildWithPython.

Instead of videos, he creates series about any Python related topic: PyGame, Django, TCP/IP connections, OOP. Expect dozens of to-the-point, direct and short videos.

I'm following his Scrapy series and I'm enjoying it.

ChiliTomatoNoodle – C++

Focused on C++, with a bit of C++ gaming on the side.

Has series on C++ for beginner, intermediate and advanced programmers. If you want to learn C++, ChilliTomatoNoodle can cover you from novice to expert.

If you need help deciding what to learn, why no check the Backend Developer road?


Resultat d'imatges de mobile developing

Let's Build That App – iOs and Android

Great channel that focus on iOs Swift but also has great content on Kotlin, Java for Android, React Native and even Node.Js Backend APIs.

Raja Yogan – Flutter

Raja is a beast in Flutter.

Flutter is a new hybrid framework to create hybrid mobile apps, using Dart as a language. Raja, despite having lots of videos about Ionic, Angular and more, has committed to Flutter way before the first public version and has been making videos since more than one year ago.

If you want to make beautiful Flutter, his channel is the best.


Resultat d'imatges de full stack

Traversy Media – Javascript and Frameworks

If you need to learn about anything related to Javascript, he is your guy.

Angular, Vue, React, Vanilla, Ionic, Node… This guy has everything. You can find also tutorials about PHP frameworks, Python, Flask, Django, GraphQL.

If you need anything about web developing, he has it.

Telusko – Java and Python

I love Telusko videos and how calm he is. Expect one video almost every day from him. Totally recommended if you want to learn how to use Java, Maven, Spring MVC, REST API with Java, but also C, Android, Kotlin, etc with dozens of free videos for you.

Lately, he's branching himself also with videos of Javascript and Python.

Sentdex – Python and ML

A Python beast. And funny too!

He uses Python from everything. From PyGame to Django, but also finances, data visualization, etc. Lately, he's doing many videos on AI/ML stuff

He's also teaching an IA how to play GTA. I'm not kidding.

Derek Banas– Everything possible

I'm not kidding. He has a tutorial about anything. Anything.

C++, Qt, Angular, Arduino, React, Django, Node.js, CSS, Ruby on Rails, C, Java, low calorie recipes and Psicology.

If you are looking for something about programming, he has a tutorial about it.

It is not a surprise he's about to hit one million subscribers.

TheCodingTrain – Javascript and ML

A strange mix, I know. An excellent teacher that will teach you Machine Learning and Javascript like you never seen before.

Expect crazy, cool things in Javascript. And he's pretty funny too.

FreeCodeCamp – Everything

They would deserve even an entire post. The name is accurate. Free. Code. Camp. How would a free and online bootcamp sound? That's what they are.

Once you register, you are offered a path that you can or can't take to learn every bit of web developing. Starting from the 'Responsive Web Design Certification' while you learn HTML5, CSS3 to using Node.JS as backend, but also Javascript, React, Data Visualization with D3, APIs, Coding Interview preparation. They have EVERYTHING you need to be a web developer and many more.

I lost the count of how many people coming for different paths started learning webdev on the side to end working as web developers. Just check their Curriculum!

Pick a Certification (don't be scared by the 300 hours) and keep grinding. Learn your stuff thanks to their integrated tot he browser IDE where you learn as you read the theory. At the end of each lesson, you have 5 projects that will help you to ingrain the information into your brain.

And you can use those projects as your personal portfolio, how cool is that?

If you're a newbie and you don' t know where to start, what's HTML, where to use CSS or how to do a for loop, getting into freeCodeCamp is a great idea. And the community is pretty great too.

Learn by playing

Can you learn while playing? Can you play while learning? Yes, you can:

CodeWars – Sharpen your skills with katas

Edabit – Pick a language and resolve challenges

Flexbox Zombies – Kill zombies with the power of your CSS skills!

Reading material (Blogs and Books)


DevDocs – DevDocs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface.


Real Python – The name is not clickbait. They have tutorials for everything in Python.


Agiliq – Free Django ebooks

Simple is Better Than Complex – Level up your Django Knowledge

William S. Vincent – Creator of Django for Beginners and REST APIs with Django


33 Concepts Every JavaScript Developer Should Know

The Modern Javascript Tutorial – From basic to advanced

Eloquent Javascript – Advanced stuff with exercises

You don't know Javascript – A deep dive to core mechanics of JS language


CSS Tricks – All you need about CSS

Disclaimer: This is a "live" post. It will only grow as I will be adding more youtube channels, interesting websites and blogs. If you know a good resource that is not listed here, please, leave a comment.

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davidmm1707 profile image
David MM🐍 Author

As I said at the 'Disclaimer section', I'm looking for any free resource to add at the list as is growing every month.

Youtube videos, blogs, free ebooks... whatever you found useful in any language, I'll be happy to add it to the list.

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Niral Munjariya

Nice! Thank you!

davidmm1707 profile image
David MM🐍 Author

Thanks, you're welcome.

Remember that I'll keep adding more resources as I find them or people link them, so come from time to time.

chandlerbaskins profile image
Chandler Baskins is a good resource for most things programming related.

davidmm1707 profile image
David MM🐍 Author

Thanks for the suggestion, Chandler. I added the link to the OP.

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davidmm1707 profile image
David MM🐍 Author

As I don't use PHP anymore I don't know where to find good resources, that's why at the bottom of the post and in a separated comment I ask for resources for every language.

I want this to become a huge library where people can find their language and pick not one, but many resources to learn.

I'll be happy to add PHP and any of its frameworks (Symphony, Laravel...) if good resources are provided.