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Discussion on: #100DaysOfCode, 4rt round | How I'm learning faster than before

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David MM🐍 Author

Hi Kalaiarasan,

Right now I'm learning it using Max Udemy course

So far, so good.

The official Flutter site has a small tutorial, but it gives you only an introduction to Flutter that I find a bit shallow, to be honest.

You have plenty of tutorials on Youtube, for example:

Flutter Crash Course, by Traversy Media

One hour to try Flutter and see if it "clicks" with you.

Flutter Tutorial for Beginners, by TheNetNinja

A good introduction to Flutter. 35 videos. Each one touching one topic (formatting dates, routing, async...).

Flutter & Firebase App Tutorial, by TheNetNinja

A 28-videos series, using Flutter and Firebase

I don't know if Flutter will take off and rival with React Native and Ionic or it will be a bluff, but right now I'm liking it a lot.