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Discussion on: Stick to What You're Good At, Not What's Cool

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David MM🐍

An advanced version of "Tutorial Hell".

I was chasing too the "Shiny new thing" until I stopped in my tracks, thought what languages I need instead of what would be cool to learn.

Now I have a plan of what I want to learn this and next year. Not (only) because I like it, but because it will give me new tools (for example, learning Flutter as a backend developer, instead of learning Rust or C#).

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Joe Chasinga Author • Edited

I was in the Rust, Ocaml, Erlang, Elixir, Clojure, Scala, F# hells. Finally got it to 7. :)

Really they're all great languages. Just have to prioritize. I think seeing things the way they are and be objective is the most important skill a hacker can learn.