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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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David MM🐍
  • Started learning Flask. So far, so good. I like it because it feels more Pythonic than Django (especially when I use CBV instead of FBV), but SQLAlchemy is a bit strange for me. I believe I love Django a lot but Flask isn't half as bad as I thought.
  • I recorded two videos for my YT channel. One, that points to a live (updated frequently) post called Free learning resources for programmers, and a +20 min one that explains a Python automation program I wrote. I added a lot of visual adds, animations and more and I'm happy with the result (I still have a long way to become 'decent' at this but I like what I did).
  • Monday was the day I had more visitors than ever on my blog (76) and the second one in pages viewed (106).
  • I started tutoring a junior dev too at my job, by teaching him the basics of Vue. I liked it a lot and I feel like I pushed him forward hours, if not days, in his learning.