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Discussion on: Why you need soft skills

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David MM🐍 Author

I was like you too until just randomly I found about John Sonmez "Soft skills" book and I found that soft skills are not something you add to your skillset, but something that multiplies your worth as programmer.

And I witness the effects of having (and not having) them.

You could be the best programmer in the world, putting a ton of work, but if you keep your boss out of the loop, they don't see what you do.

I once even emailed weekly my boss to tell him what I did, the errors I found and how to solve them, etc etc.

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Kelly Stannard

Do you get any response when you email updates? I usually find I don't get a response from my boss when I keep them up to date so I stop after a few updates.

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David MM🐍 Author

Sometimes, but I don't do it to chat with my boss but also as insurance too.

This way I have everything written down.

Does my boss say that I didn't notify him about X? I show him the email with X.

I forgot to add Y my boss told me? I can't show him the email where he asked me to add Y because I didn't send it.