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Discussion on: 5 ways to create a junior developer-friendly culture 🚀

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David MM🐍 • Edited

I wish I started as a dev in a place you described.

When I got my first dev job I was the only worker there, working with a language I have learnt 3 months ago, using a framework I never I have used before. It was brutal: No way to know if what I was coding was right, no one to ask, no code reviews, help, nothing.

More people were hired. Now I could ask others but sometimes I feel like I shouldn't, by the way they answer me, like if I was asking if it was day or night.

People with less experience than me were recruited and I see the same. People with 15 years of experience baffled because people with 3 months of experience don't know what they do.

Empathy is very important. Companies lose workers because a lack of it.