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Discussion on: Most Common Blogging Mistakes of Beginner Bloggers

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David MM🐍

I used to do most of the things listed there and I'm glad that no longer I do them.

When I have an idea, I'll write it down on a Google Docs file, so no matter if I'm at my job, home or walking, I'll not forget that idea. In fact, I have more than 50 ideas to write about, so that is no longer a problem 😃

My problem was not being consistent. I used to write when I feel like it and I wrote a lot. Until I didn't and I haven't for months. 2 months ago I re-took it and now I write 1 non-technical post and 2 technical posts every week.

I have set 3 days on the week to write and that's it. Not when I feel like it or when I'm bored.

Now my blog went from 3-7 readers a day to 50-70 a day and I'm starting to get a few readers from Search engines.

So yes, consistency is a good thing. Even if you publish your post and check after an hour just to see that post has 0 views.

You only need time.

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Ilona Codes Author

Thank you so much for your message! This is very informative and helps a bunch 👍
Wishing you continued success! ❤️