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Discussion on: What do you do to practice new programming languages and/or frameworks?

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David MM🐍

The golden question of How to learn languages/frameworks efficiently (and how to not fall into the Tutorial Hell).

I have adapted the process of how I learn along my last two years.

Initially, I just did tutorials until I magically knew how to do everything. It didn't work too well.

Then, I moved to do a few tutorials, then reading a book or two. Same success as before.

Now my process is to do one or two tutorials to see get the big picture, get the main features of a framework/language, build small and simple projects and then keep adding features.

Well, the process has more steps, but it has helped me way more than being stuck in tutorial hell. It helped so much I wrote 16 Tips for Python and Django beginners (Replace Python with a language and Django for the Framework)to help other people to overcome their 'Tutorial Hell'.

About what to build... Only you can answer that. Try to build something related with your passion.

You like playing the guitar? Build a Social Network for guitarrists.
You like gardening? Build a blogging platform for gardeners.
You have an app in your mobile that you enjoy a lot? Build a clone.