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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v39

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David MM🐍

Hi everybody.

I am David, currently working as a Web Developer (I work with Vue and Django/DRF) while learning new stuff every day (as many of people reading this I guess!).

After finding most of my technical searches on Google, I decided to join here.

I have been a passive member of the programming community and I took so much from it in the form of video tutorials, forums, blog posts, etc. As I grew as a programmer by many people giving their knowledge for free, now I want to give back something to the community.

That's why I started my own blog [Let's learn about[], started my Youtube channel, answering questions on Reddit and Quora, and now I'm here. The reason is the same: I received help when I needed, now that I can I want to help others. Besides that, you learn twice when you teach others.

So from now on, we'll be reading each other here :)

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Chris Achard

Welcome David!