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Discussion on: C# For Beginners - Lesson 9: Arrays

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David Kröll

Hi, very nice article to me. What is this VS Code extension you use in your screenshots? Is it something like real C# compiler inside markdown??

Another thought on question 2:

You can have both int and string values in one array.

It can be either true or false, depending on the assumption one makes. If it's an array of strings or ints, it is false. Nevertheless it's also possible to use any C# type, an array of object would also work and the above statement would then be true (I'm not a C# beginner as you may notice).

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Kristina (Coding Mama) Author • Edited on

Hi, thanks for reading!

I'm using Dotnet Interactive Notebooks extension in VSCode. It's linked in this article:

Regarding question 2, it's entirely possible to make that assumption! However, if it's an object array technically the elements are not int or string but would be object type. So the statement would still be false.

Thanks again for your comment! 😊

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David Kröll

Thanks for your reply!

Hmm, I can't fully agree with your above argument, since the underlying (concrete) type does not change when you store something inside a object array.

See the following example:

var arr = new object[] {"some string", 42};

Console.WriteLine($"Type: {arr[0].GetType()}, Value: {arr[0]}");
Console.WriteLine($"Type: {arr[1].GetType()}, Value: {arr[1]}");

// Output: 
// Type: System.String, Value: some string
// Type: System.Int32, Value: 42
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Other types for the array would also work, they just have to satisfy both int and string, for example IComparable.

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Kristina (Coding Mama) Author

Ah, in that case I stand corrected 😊 though I haven't really introduced the object type in this course, so the expected answer was false. I should probably reword that question to make it exact!

Thanks for the clarification!