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Shortcut keys to shut down Mac (MacBook Pro, Mini ...)

I am a keyboard guy and hate mouse. Moving your cursor to the far top-left corner of a 49-inch screen, and select & click the menu item, and then moving cursor back to the screen center, click OK to confirm, is too painful to me.


If you have the same experience, you are not alone!
You are not alone

If you google it, you will find that you can shut down Mac Using Keyboard Shortcut(key combination) as shown below:

Command + Option + Control + ⏏ (Eject / Power)
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However, if you like me, either you are using Mac Mini, or you don't have a keyboard with the "Eject" key, the above trick may not work for you.

In addition, I dislike doing a task by pressing 4 keys simutaneously. 3 keys, by far are the most I can afford.

What is even worse, I cannot remember the key combations, is it

  • Command + Option + Control + ⏏ or
  • Command + Shift + Control + ⏏ ?

I often confuse myself.


What I expect is something like:

Shift + Command + Q  ➟ Shut down OSX
Shift + Command + L  ➟ Lock screen
Shift + Command + R  ➟ Restart OSX
Shift + Command + S  ➟ Sleep
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Simple, intuitive and easy to remember!

Here is how to do so:

  • Click system menu, and then "System Preferences ..."


  • Select the App Shortcuts on the left, and click the "+" button on the right side panel

Click Keyboard Setting

  • In the pop up dialog, type below words EXACTLY in the "Menu Title:" box:
Shut Down...
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  • Associate the Shift + Command + Q shortcut

Shift + Command + Q

That is it.

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