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A KubeCon Wrap Up, of sorts

Well, KubeCon North America 2024 is over and done with, and I thought I'd write a short recap of my time there.

While the final attendance numbers aren't in yet, it's likely that there were between 7,000 and 8,000 attendees in Chicago the week of November 6th. That's a lot of Kubernetes enthusiasts! And the weather could not have been better (I mean, for Chicago, in November).

At the Otterize booth we were extremely busy too! On day one, November 7th, I personally was in the booth for 11 hours (some of that was booth setup). That's a long day.

We had some very popular swag! The Otter was a huge hit, again, and we handed out about 600 of them over the course of the week.
The Otterize Otter plushie that we handed out
We also handed out several hundred T-Shirts and an uncountable number of Otterize stickers of various kinds. Ok, enough about the swag, how was the booth otherwise?

Well, we scanned over 450 badges (last I checked) and had some really interesting conversations with a lot of super interesting people. We gave over 100 demos (at least, I didn't count them all) to some very enthusiastic attendees and overall got some great feedback.

A rundown of some numbers:

  • 600 otters given out
  • 200+ T-shirts given out
  • 36 new members joined our Community

I've done a lot of booth duty in my years in this business, and I can honestly say that this KubeCon NA Otterize booth was one of the most successful, fun, and productive booths I've ever done.

It was, of course, due in large part to the amazing group of Otters that were there.

Otters (Otterize employees) at the KubeCon Booth from left to right: David G. Simmons, Tomer Greenwald - CEO, Ori Shavit, Neha Varshneya, and Omri Shani. Not Pictured: Ori Shoshan, CTO

I think we may have more fun than anyone though!

If you didn't get a chance to stop by the booth and see us, please, join our Community, ⭐️ us on GitHub, and reach out to set up a demo!

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