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Next.js Blog Starter + Headless CMS

If you're looking to set up a modern and convenient blog for content writers to use, this is a good combo of Next.js + Suncel CMS.

Next.js allows many very useful optimizations to have a powerful site with very good scores on Core Web Vitals.

And Suncel CMS allows content writers, to integrate content very quickly and publish it instantly.

The blog template is open source, feel free to contribute if you have improvements and leave a star on the github :)

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The following is available in the template :

  • Article page template with dynamic related articles
  • Category page with dynamic related articles
  • Dynamic home page that render last articles and all categories (without manual update)
  • An admin with Suncel CMS to create pages, folders, manage assets, categories and a SEO module on each page

Tech stack :

  • Next.js
  • React
  • Typescript
  • TailwindCSS

For the installation, you can take a look at the Github Readme.

As well as our two tutorial videos:

  • Nico explains how this blog was built

  • David explains how to install it in a few minutes

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