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David Bell
David Bell

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My online portfolio

I have decided that it is the time to try and get my first Web developer job. In order to achieve this I felt a snazzy new portfolio site was needed.

You can see the site if your'e interested.

Alt Text

Built with

For my stack I went with what i've been enjoying.

  • Nextjs(React) - I enjoy using nextjs to build React applications. The option for having static or server-side pages is great
  • TailwindCSS - My current favourite way to style things. It saves me time writing styles, whilst keeping my CSS brain going. It's a delight to use.
  • Framer Motion - I chose this because it's easy to turn a dull web page into something spicy.
  • Markdown pages - I chose to add my project pages from Markdown. When I do a project I write a short summary about it in the README file on Github. I thought it would be nice to use my project summary readme as a page on my portfolio.

Portfolio Purpose

I wanted a clean looking no nonsense website. The sole purpose is employment opportunities and to share my recent code projects.

A minimal design with project briefs and contact information was all I needed.

I will add to the portfolio as I go but for the moment it's fine for my CV.

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