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Trying to make Webstorm like VSCode (Part 1)

davidarmendariz profile image David Armendáriz ・1 min read

Hi folks! I recently needed to install PHPStorm as I am working on a complex PHP project and VSCode was not that good for PHP...
I am trying to make a smooth transition, because I have always used VSCode for basically everything. I also downloaded Webstorm, so I am experimenting on Webstorm so that I can apply what I learned later on PHPStorm.

Unstaged files

I think VSCode has a great and simple Git integration. Before you add a file to the stage you have the file like this:

Alt Text

I like that "plus" button, and managed to add it:

Alt Text

Just go to Settings (Ctrl + Alt + S) > Appearance & Behavior > VCS Local Changes Toolbar

You can add the "Add" button by clicking on the "Add actions..." and searching for the "Add" action inside Version Control Systems > Git (sorry for that tongue twister 😂)

Now, you can add the "Add" button to stage a file. I mostly use this functionality for when I don't want to add all files in the stage by using the terminal (i.e. git add .).

Staged files (??)

When the file is staged, you have a button to unstage a file in VSCode:

Alt Text

However, I don't see this option in Webstorm. Neither there is a separation between "staged" and "unstaged" file in the Commit tab in Webstorm nor PHPStorm. Do you know how to achieve this or if this is possible?

Thanks in advance.

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