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Understanding Power Platform?

David Abu
Cloud Advocate | Community Builder |Public speaker of digital technologies.
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A lot of people checked my Twitter and LinkedIn profile and ask what is Power Platform? So after numerous feedbacks, I thought it will be nice to write about what Power Platform is and what we use it for.

What is Power Platform?
Power Platform is a system that enables users to do four key actions on data that help them drive business: gain insights from data (Analyze), drive intelligent business processes via apps they build (Act), automate business processes (Automate), improve customer engagement via chatbots(Engagement).

Power Platform is comprised of four key products/tools : Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents.

  1. Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a business analytics service that delivers insights for analyzing data. It can share those insights through data visualizations which make up reports and dashboards to enable fast, informed decisions. You can consider Power BI as the analysis and insights leg of the Power Platform. It takes business data and allows you to display it in ways that makes the most sense to users.

  2. Power Apps is the creation of low code applications that you build for business purposes. It has services, connectors, and a scalable data service and app platform (Common Data Service) to allow simple integration and interaction with existing data. There are little or low code which you need in creating an application. Simple applications like attendance app, employee app, to complex apps like emergency hospital application.

  3. Power Automate lets users create automated workflows between applications and services. It helps automate repetitive business processes such as communication, data collections, and decision approvals. This help reduce the human involvement in a business process. Approval mails can be automated. Power Automate’s simple interface allows every level of user to automate work tasks from beginners to seasoned developers.

  4. Power Virtual Agents enables anyone to create powerful chatbots using a guided, no-code graphical interface, without the need for data scientists or developers. It eliminates the gap between subject matter experts and the development teams building the chatbots. Power Virtual Agents. Users can enable bots to perform an action by simply calling a Power Automate flow

Power Automate help users automate activities or call back end systems. Users can utilize existing flows that have been created in their Power Apps environment or they can create a flow within Power Virtual Agents authoring canvas.

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Awesome piece

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David Abu Author

Thank you Jude