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Power BI Everywhere

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Building enterprise solutions can be difficult when you need to understand the different processes, layers and technicalities involved.

Microsoft last year introduced the Intelligence Data Platform to help organizations/analysts accelerate innovations, achieve agility, and build on a trusted platform and we want to dive into it.

How do we build enterprise solutions from the world of Microsoft Technologies? We will explore that through the lens and technical knowledge of the best data professionals within the ecosystem.

Marco Russo, Christopher Maneu, Scott Sewell and Josh Ndemenge will help us navigated the world of Purview, Power BI, Azure SQL and Dataverse to build scalable solutions.

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Episode 1. 30th Jan 2023 (Click on the picture to watch)

Power BI and Azure SQL Synergy

Episode 2. 1st Feb 2023 (Click on the picture to watch)

Power BI and Dataverse Synergy

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