What are your favorite VueJS libraries?

As my career has progressed I have filling a number of roles; backend(LEMP), then team lead, then Dev(Sec)Ops. The few times I needed frontend effort someone more skilled was always available. So frontend was never my thing. Recently though, I have been listening to some VueJS videos and it seems ...interesting. Not like the JS of the old days (writing logic twice, once for each browser).

So; what are some of your favorite libraries to use with VueJS (or plain JS)?

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Vue Router and Vuex (for state management). I also use Vuetify a lot.

Vue-Apollo is also great for working with GraphQL inside Vue.

I just tried Vue-Apollo for about 7 minutes, and it was very easy to get started + it worked as I expected. I like it!

Vuetifyjs looks amazing. a MAterial design UI library was one of the first thing I looked for when VueJS caught my eye. Thank you for sharing.

Vuex is the Killer Feature for me, and I find vue-i18n to be pretty useful.

Vuex - Awesome state manager;
Buefy or Vuetify - For some pretty UI components like navbars, buttons, grid and more;

Oh, the Vue DevTools for Chrome is also pretty handy to debug components

DevTools FTW! Nothing makes learning a new tool / language than a good debugger and trace tool.

We've got a fairly forms-heavy app, and I've found Vee-Validate and Vuex-Map-Fields to be an enormous help.

I liked Quasar for the UI components. I haven't used it for a while and they've rev'd a few times since, but it was great back then and probably better now.

It's only Vue UI framework I use every time.

this helped me a lot and made life so much easiger.

Oh, thats pretty neat. Thank you for the share jan.

Not a library but I think it is worth noting how awesome the Vue developer tools are for Chrome πŸ”₯

Vuex-persist or vuex-presistant. Either one you use. I still don't know why persistance has to be a plugin

I'm looking at Vuetify and Quasar to use as UI framework, but I need IE11 support.
Both frameworks say they have, but can anyone confirm that it's actually properly supported?

Yeah quasar supports IE, I'm not sure vuetify because I don't use it.

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