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As a technical person please allow me to break down the recruiter architype:

1) headhunter - to me this is as described above. wide but shallow net.
2) recruiter - typically works for the organization in need of personnel. Mid-mid net. Knows the company, not the tech.
3) talent agent - recruiter that works for YOU first, the company second. small but deep net. Knows YOUR talents, looks for and qualifies companies.

That being said the personal quality increases as skills and talent increase... and so does the number of emails and phones calls. On average, right now, is 2 to 3 correspondances a day.

Let's look on the other side of the coin, as a blue collar miner (coal/ore/et al) the demand is not there. Let's take a moment to appreciate the demand in our industry. Plus, recruiters are people just trying to do a job.

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