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Certifications are tangible representation of your effort. Not skill, not knowledge, not understand; effort.

Why are we told to go to college and get a degree; then never use it*? A degree is a tangible representation of dedicated effort.

A Certification is the same, though on a smaller scale. 'Completion' certificates rank lower than tested certs. Tested cert have two categories: self test and proctored. If you have to schedule the exam and go to a control environment; those hold the highest regard in my book.

For example: AWS SA Pro: 3 to 4 months of dedicated study, $300 USD per attempt, limited to two attempts per year. That is worth way more than an W3C Schools HTML4 completion certification.

I can say, given two near equal candidates, the person with certs gets the offer.

I could talk on this for ad-nauseam but I think that gets my opinion across.

  • I do actually use my degree, and I know many do..but many do not either.
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