What do you work on when you are on a plane? ✈️✈️

David on July 30, 2019

I’m about to spend a few hours on a plane as I head to our quarterly planning.

I’ll probably spend the time working on a blog post and maybe a side project.

What do you work on when your flying?

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I sleep just like this guy

I also snort, a lot and I think I also annoy my neighbor.

My routine:

  • 15-30 minutes before the depart I drink some energy drink (sugar-less) 🍺
  • 1 hour later, the energy drink crashes and I start sleeping. 😴

I don't work on planes. IN my previous job I traveled multiple times a year. Usually to conferences flying a few hours to San Francisco, or DC, but I also had to travel for weeks at a time to places like Venezuela, South Africa, Myanmar and other exotic locations. Knowing I am traveling to do more work the plane is a time for me to try and relax, watch some movies, SLEEP and listen to music and SLEEP. NO way I'm working on a long flight from LA to Hong Kong


Good insight. Thanks for sharing this!


I rarely work when flying, but the last time I was working on slides for a presentation or outlining a blog post.

Even if I get comfort plus, it feels too cramped, loud or private to get any real work done.


It’s definitely hard, especially when I’m mugging around a 15inch laptop


I never work on plain or any other transport. When I go somewhere, I use that time to relax and prefer doing something I like. I watch films, read books or listen to music. Once a month, I visit my parents in another town. The road takes 5 hours, and it's the best 5 hours. It's like a safe space or time gap between a busy working life and a calm time spending with my family. It's only my time, and I will never waste them.


Plane time is me time. I watch funny videos, movies, or play video games. Planes are an ergo nightmare and I'd rather work before or after I land.

At the most I may list out some bullets for an upcoming blog post.


Nothing because the inconsiderate ass in front of me always lays their seat back leaving no room for my laptop


Ouch! I hope that person isn’t me!


There is a special place in hell for anyone who puts their seat break on a plane, especially in coach!

The worst. Also love it when they put it back, then return to front, then put it back, etc


Good question:) Usually I only have short flights ( <3-4 hours) and no Internet access during those, so for this I have a folder on my laptop called "To read — offline" with a decent selection of books and saved versions of articles etc, usually work-related. I try to fill this folder in advance, so it doesn't add to last-minute travel anxiety:)

Also, if you're traveling for a conference/ business meeting, going through your slides and demos one more time never hurts. One more thing to do, which is relaxing and useful at the same time, is to clean up and organize your notes (or phone screenshots, if you're like me 😄)


Normally I take midnight flight, so can direct sleep until the flight arrive the destination.

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