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Moving from Avast Passwords to NordPass


For a while, I had wanted to change my password manager from Avast Passwords to another one. I finally decided to go with NordPass. Playing around with the application, I was glad to see that NordPass could import passwords from web browsers and other password managers. However, there was a bummer. NordPass cannot directly import passwords from Avast Passwords and it also does not support JSON, which is what Avast Passwords exports as.

So I started thinking, how on earth would I add 170+ passwords into NordPass manually? I then began to think of how I could do this.

Python Pandas to the rescue 🚀

Suddenly, my problem-solving acumen as a software developer kicked in and I knew I could write a Python script using pandas to transform from the JSON provided by Avast to the NordPass CSV format.

Here is the content of NordPass' CSV Template:

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And here is how the JSON file exported by Avast Passwords looks like.

Avast Passwords JSON export file

After looking at the structure of the JSON file, I then put only the logins into a new JSON file that contained a list of dictionaries containing each password.

The next step was writing the actual Python code, which is quite unsophisticated.

import pandas as pd

# Import password data from Avast export
passwords_df = pd.read_json('avast_passwords_extract.json')

# Rename column names of Avast Passwords JSON to fit Nordpass template
passwords_df = passwords_df.rename(columns={
    'custName': 'name', 
    'url': 'url',
    'loginName': 'username',
    'pwd': 'password',    

# Delete unused columns
del passwords_df['color']
del passwords_df['pwdChange']


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Moment of Truth: Importing into NordPass 🤞

So let's test this.

NordPass Import Passdwords

So it works perfectly!
I just wanted to show how that programming requires problem-solving skills and programming in turn helps develop the same! I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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