What is something about food you like that no one else does?

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I'm curious if anyone has something about food or drinks that they love and think tastes amazing, but also thinks they might just be the only person who does.

What is something you think is unique about your taste in food and drinks?

I will go first.

I really like the taste of cold, flat soda. Fizzy drinks can be great, but I think there is something really interesting (and delicious) about the flavor of a cold, flat soda. The bubbles can disguise so many other flavors.

Also, I prefer to eat peaches when they aren't ripe just yet. It is like eating a crunchy apple, but it tastes like a peach!

How about you?

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I really like herbal teas. When everyone else in the office is having coffee, I'm usually having Raspberry tea (my current favourite), or Liquorice, or some other new flavour I've discovered. Someone needs to help me stop giving all my money to these guys.


I'm a big tea drinker myself, though I have a tendency to blend my own mixes of ground spices together with some matcha (I'm lucky in that I live reasonably close to a couple of places where I can get many international spices in bulk). My recent favorite is ginger, allspice, a dash of black cardamom, blended with matcha and then with a bit of fresh lime juice added after brewing.


That sounds really good Austin. Have you ever put Angostura bitters into something you've brewed?

I've tried a couple times before, but have yet to find a mix of spices I like together with Angostura. During the summer though, I'll often add a dash of lemoncello or triple sec to my tea in place of citrus juice.


I love teas too! Coffee is my preferred hot beverage, but a good tea can be great as well. I like having tea at the end of the day while watching tv. I really like that website. It has a fun design. Thanks for sharing!


The first one that comes to mind for me is that I actually like straight Angostura bitters by itself. I couldn't really explain why, but I've rather enjoyed the taste since I first tried it (and often ask for a dash or two added whenever I order a cocktail at a bar or restaurant), though most of my family and friends think I'm crazy for this (but then, they also think I'm crazy because I like mead, don't like beer, and drink shots of Chartreuse or Goldschläger when I'm celebrating something instead of more 'conventional' alcohols).


Neat, I don't think I have ever tried Angostura bitters by itself before. I have had it in drinks, but never on its own. I might try that. Thanks for sharing!


Fair warning, it's strong stuff in terms of flavor (though that's part of what I like about it). There's a reason most drinks that use it only call for a dash.

Oh wow, good advice! I didn't think of that. That is very true. Haha.


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-> Grab bread, open it up, put marmalade on one side and german sauce on the other, cheese in the middle.

-> Grab the end of a baguette, rip it off, with your thumb open a hole, fill it up with mayo.

-> Grab a normal chicken soup and a banana, cut the banana up and throw them gently at the soup. Ñomi.

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Cold food that is normally eaten hot! Curry, Chinese food, toast, pizza, canned beans, rice, chips, you name it!


Interesting! I know I have had cold pizza before and liked it. But, I've never had those other foods cold before. Thanks for sharing!


I like the bitterness of Chlorophyll. I love Brussels sprouts, super hoppy beers, etc.


Neat! I really like brussel sprouts, but I’m not a fan of hoppy beers.
Thanks for sharing!


Pizza dipped in apple sauce. Don't judge, it's delicious lol.


Don’t worry, this is a judgement free space. Live your truth.

Also, that sounds delicious.

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