My Last Project.

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My Final Project

This was a Group Project for Open Source Application.
We call it, ASURA Face ID

It is a system for identification of faces, in this case, applied to a business scenario, with the mobile application the detection and identification of faces will be made, and that information (face, detection time, etc.) will be sent to an API, to It is saved in a Database in the cloud.



Demo Link:

Dashboard: https://asurafaceid.firebaseapp.com/_admin/dashboard.html
Webcam Detection: https://asurafaceid.firebaseapp.com/

Github Repository:


How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)


As the main provider of cloud services, FIREBASE is dealing with all the platforms it has.

Database: FireStore (NoSQL)
Image Storage: Firebase Storage
Website Hosting: Firebase Hosting

For the development of the Web application:
Framework: VueJS
Design Library: Vuetify.js
Chart Library: Vue-charts.js
Machine Learning:
TensorFlow Lite (Library for Machine Learning on Mobile devices)

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

It was so cool learning about Machile Learning and the basic concepts of Computer Vision! It inspire me too learn more about it.


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