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How do you use your VSCode profile?

I've been using VScode profiles for a while, but I fee like my profiles are turnung into a mess.

I started by just making a python profile. Then I made a profile from that one named data science. Then I made one with markdown tools and cspell for writing blog posts and note taking. Then I made one for rust. And one for writing django projects. Plus theres the built in default one.

The problems I'm now getting are that I wonder why my editor in data science view isn't type checking the way I expected it to, and it's because I tweaked those settings in Python, not Data Science. and I've found a great tool that I've added to my Django profile that helps with lots of python things, but I can only add it upwards to my default profile, not my python profile or the data science one, without having to switch it in, refind and install it, then switch back to what I was doing.

So the question is: Have you found a way to manage your profiles that you are happy with?

I feel the problem is that the profile is a 'leaky abstraction'. It allows a lot of customisability to do what I've done, but that ends up with a muddle of profiles split by language OR task.

I feel like a neat solution is to adopt profiles of

  • default
  • python
  • rust
  • R


  • web development
  • data science
  • writing

What do you all think?

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