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Discussion on: Of Chickens and Pigs - The Dilemma of Creator Self Promotion

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David Di Biase • Edited on

There's subtext that is lost on a crowd that doesn't focus on this particular subset of the JS community. Long story short: some people who don't follow Ryan's work closely have misinterpreted Ryan's open creation process and promotion as being too aggressive and are at odds with the Solid community and him about it.

I think this is different than servant leadership. The topic isn't necessarily about leadership it's more about creation itself. Ryan's not trying to change the status-quo I think he's just exploring and pushing the boundaries to provide an alternative to Vue/Svelte/Marko/React etc. that focuses on DX (very accessible React-like API), stability and raw performance. The hostility seems to come from people who don't want Solid to exist because it doesn't look innovative. Under the hood (if you take a peek) it's quite a piece of machinery.

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ooh thank you for the explanation! I appreciate it very much c:

I only mentioned servant leadership due to the goal it has, which is very similar to what was mentioned regarding meta creation: "to help others succeed". I wasn't referring to leadership itself but I understand that I didn't explain myself very well either 😅

Anyway, thank you again for explaining the context since I will admit there was a part of the article that did confuse me a bit but otherwise I thought it was a good article regarding self promotion as a creator and the ups and downs of it.