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Discussion on: Vue.js vs. React — Not Your Usual Comparison

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Good to see opinions being expressed by devs who know both sides of the equation. I'm pretty old school (actually just old) and my first gig was writing Pascal for CTOS. I helped build one of the first internet banking sites in NZ using ASP Classic. Quirksmode was the goto for dealing with IE and Netscape issues, and javascript sucked but it was better than vbscript. The thing that drives me crazy about javascript development now is that maintenance is such a massive issue. Build something now, leave it alone for 12 months, and now all the dependencies have breaking changes. I like Vue because there's less magic than React but the tooling required to develop javascript PWA's is nuts.

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Domagoj Vidovic Author

Wow, you’re on the field for so long, it must feel amazing to see all this progress 🙂

I’m also against magic code so Vue gets a bit plus here