Hi, I'm Dave Blythe

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I have been coding for around two years.
You can find me on GitHub as DaveBlythe, though I've just begun, there.

AAS:Programming and BS:Computer Science (independent-study).
I've held two full-time development positions, and now I'm about building onto my skills, experience, and confidence, while hunting for my next team.

HTML/CSS... C / C++ / Java programming path... SQL/MySQL.

First Year: Salesforce Developer
Learned and used Apex(Java-like), Visualforce, and SOQL(SQL-like). Earned Admin & Dev Certs, realized how much I don't know.

Second Year: Software Engineer on an agile team
Worked mostly in Javascript (on a well-extended ExtJS Framework), some HTML/CSS, with PHP5 and PostgreSQL on the business end.

I'm currently looking for my next great assignment, while entertaining the idea of doing some form of freelance-type (or partnered) development.

AngularJS (playing about with some SPA ideas)

Need to:
Get more involved in blogging, interacting with dev community, sleep.

I live in Rochester, NY, where I enjoy bicycling and spending time outdoors. Dog guy, musician (drums, guitars, bass), US Navy veteran, overall geek.

Nice to meet you!


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