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Discussion on: How to Embed Video Chat in your Unity Games

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Hi, thanks for this, very helpful.
I'm trying to add a 'Broadcast' feature, which is somewhat different, and a bit new to both Photon and Agora.
In this, I want one person to 'own' the one video feed, and disable anyone else's webcams/streams. When that person is done (or leaves) then everyone has a chance to become the broadcaster.
After some futzing, I thought I had it, but when I try multiplayer, my Start routine (on 'late joiners' exists because photonView.IsMine is not mine. So the engine never starts.
Would it make more sense to not check IsMine in Start in this case? Any tips appreciated.

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Joel Author

Well in my example, we start in the Photon lobby, and only enter the game after we've connected to Photon and are in "multiplayer" mode.

If you are deviating from that, I'd recommend checking for "IsMine" after you manually connect to the Photon network, and receive a successful callback from Photon. I hope this helps!