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My Interview Experience at came to our campus in late June 2021 to interview for the position of Associate Web Application Developer. There were three rounds in total. Approximately 60 students filled the form, and only two of them got the offer letter.

The entire process was online and took approximately 2-3 weeks. I’m going to share my interview experience here.


Round 1(Online MCQ Round): This round was an online Assessment on the Interviewbit Platform for 1 hr and there were a total of 50 MCQ questions. So we have to solve 50 questions in 60 mins.

It was basically a mixture of various topics.
  • There were questions from Quants, Logical Reasoning, DSA, Time complexity, Guessing the o/p, Memory, OS, CN, DBMS.
  • I was able to answer 40-42 questions in the given timeframe, and the questions were mostly Easy-Medium Level.
  • On the next day, we got the result, and out of 60 students, 8 of them cleared this round.

Round 2(Technical Interview 1): This round lasted about an hour and was held on Google Meet. In this round, we were given three DSA questions (generally easy, medium, and hard) and we had to explain the entire solution approach and write the pseudocode in google docs shared with us.

We first started with a basic introduction.

Arrange given numbers to form the biggest number.
Eg: Input: { 66, 56, 9, 7, 10, 660 }
Output: 97666605610

Given an array of n elements return the count of elements which has a count of set bits to be 1.
Eg: Input: {2, 6, 8, 10, 12}
Output: 2
Create a deep copy of LinkedList with random pointers.

Later we had some discussion about work culture and Tech Stack that I will get to work on.

After a week, I got the call from HR that I had cleared this round. (Only 2 out of 8 cleared this round)

Round 3 (Technical Interview 2): This round was also conducted on google meet and lasted for an hour. The interviewer gave his intro and we started with the coding problem.

Given the seating arrangement of a compartment, complete the below functions:

//static boolean isWindowSeat( int seatNo){

// return whether the given seat no. is window seat or not
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static int seatRowNo( int seatNo){

// return the row no. (starting from 1,2,3,…..) to which seat belongs 
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static int nearestWindowSeat( int seatNo){

// return the nearest window seat of the given seat no.
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Design a Database System for URL Shortener, with the following constraints:
Only authorized users can use the service.
URL link should be expired after 48 hours.
Users can edit the URL link.
After that, I was asked:

Write an SQL query for searching the existing URL in the table.
How can we search faster in the table ? (Ans: Indexing)
What is Indexing in DBMS and its working?
Since, I mentioned Javascript and Reactjs in my resume. So, the next question was:
Using Javascript, write a filter function that will filter the odd no.

Eg: Input: {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

Output: {2, 4}

Later we had a discussion about the job role and the difference between SDE and the current job profile and so on. The next day, I was informed by HR that I was selected and discussed further process.

All the interviewers were very polite and supportive. They will guide you but you should be very attentive during the interview and ask out if you have any queries or you are stuck in between. Also, clarify the problem statement and constraints well.

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Unnati Bamania

Amazing! Its really helpful

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Jaydeep Dave

Thanks a lot !!

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Don't know why they ask LinkedList questions for a frontend role. Really strange. This obsession with DSA baffles me.