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Create an Electron desktop app version of

So last night, for some reasons I couldn't access to decode a token (the website was loading very slowly) so I thought why didn't I create a desktop app so I don't have to suffer from this wait in the future?

Well, after a few hours of work, I got exactly (nearly) what I wanted:

Let me show you how I did it.

Step 1: Search for electron vue

I didn't work with electron much but I knew that it's based on Javascript so it's a good chance that somebody has already created a project that have electron bundle with Vue. My guess was right, I found this awsome repo on github:

All credit to the author.
I cloned the repo and opened it in VSCode.

Step 2: Find a jwt decoder

Again, with google, I got this repo from Auth0 that help me decode jwt to get header and body:
Again, thanks the developers.

So in my project, I ran

npm install jwt-decode
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And I got the first working version.

Step3: Install codemirror for syntax highlighting

I used this repo:

Thanks the developer :)

But only get basic function of a code editor functioning. I couldn't get syntax highlighting work yet (Have no idea why, hopefully you guys can give a pointer).

So, with the help of all the awesome developers of the repos I cloned, I got a working version of a jwt decode in just a few hours.

To be honest, the most time I spent was on trying different syntax highlighting libs and got no results :D


Building desktop app is fun and easy, especially for small projects like mine. You should give it a try.

Thanks for reading

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