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Discussion on: Why are you using Rust for web development?

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MetaDave 🇪🇺

Is it too cynical to suggest that when you get a mature, pretty complete and stable tool set (e.g. Rails) then it stops becoming fashionably cutting edge, and the kool kidz want to use something else instead?

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Ben Lovy

Hmm, interesting. I could see that being a factor...but is Rails no longer considered "Kool"? I didn't realize it had already fallen from grace, at least around me it's a widely used tech, seems to be going strong.

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MetaDave 🇪🇺 • Edited

I'm pretty sure that it has matured to the stage where its only use is as a productive tool for creating useful products. I don't think that that feels like fun to everyone.

OK, a bit cynical.