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We've looked into the UK apprenticeship system as an employer, but it seems to place an emphasis on certifications, and those can be tricky to come by except through vendor programmes: Microsoft, Oracle, etc..

This seems to make it difficult to manage an apprenticeship program in a 100% open source environment.

Does that sound correct from what you know, and was it something you had to consider?


There are many different Apprenticeship companies that run alongside with the Governments Apprenticeship scheme such as Estio Training and QA. With my apprenticeship Estio Training take me out of work 8 weeks in my year long Apprenticeship and train me and sit me my exams. They handle all the qualificational bits and my employer then just gets to concentrate on training me for my job and the work in my company rather than hassling with attempting to set official exams etc. For an employer its much better to hire an apprentice through an official Appretenticeship company as you take no part in the certifications!

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