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Discussion on: What are the least intuitive fundamentals and best practices in software development?

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MetaDave 🇪🇺

I'm going to guess that you have bookmarked.

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briwa is better, IMO. And it's open source!

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Johannes Vollmer

I just wrote a node-based regex editor:

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Visualize and edit regular expressions for use in javascript

Regex Nodes

This node-based regular expression editor helps you understand and edit regular expressions for use in your Javascript code.

If your regular expressions are complex enough to give this editor relevance you probably should consider not using regular expressions, haha.

Why Nodes?

One of the problems with regular expressions is that they get quite messy very quickly. Operator precedence is not always obvious and can be misleading Nodes, on the other hand, are a visual hierarchy. A text-based regex cannot simply be broken into several lines or indented because that would alter the meaning of the expression.

The other major benefit of nodes is that the editor will prevent you from producing invalid expressions. Other regex editors analyze the possibly incorrect regular expression that the user has come up with. The node editor will allow you to enter your intention and generate a correct regular expression.

In addition, nodes…

If you have some spare time, let me know what you think of it!