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Discussion on: Describe the worst coding culture you've been a part of

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MetaDave 🇪🇺

No code deployments outside of the two week cycle, no matter how trivial.

All code deployments to be actioned by a support centre in Bangalore, 9 hours ahead of local time for the development team.

They needed accounts set up for all of them with exactly the correct privileges and no more.

None of them had any knowledge of or training in the technology being used – they were literally typing from a script.

If the response to what they typed didn't exactly match what the deployment script said, best case was you got a phone call at 2am to debug. Worst case was you'd have to debug it on the daily 9am-10am mandatory morning phone call chaired by the data center VP, with an audience to 20-30.

Dev-ops it was not.