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Discussion on: Which mainstream programming language has the ugliest syntax?

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MetaDave 🇪🇺

Yes, and there's definitely a "thing" with code quality being correlated to natural readability too.

I come from an ORACLE background originally, and it would drive me insane to see people uppercasing their SQL, like it was an act of kindness to the compiler, and us humans have to suck up the inconvenience. I used to send people photos of major highway direction signs and ask "WHY DO YOU THINK WE DO NOT PUT INFORMATION THAT HAS TO BE QUICKLY ABSORBED IN UPPER CASE? Which do you find easier to read?".

I was also once instructed that all text in a BI system's reports should be in fixed pitch uppercase – got out of it by showing how wide that made every text-heavy report.

TL;DR; People are sometimes quite dumb.