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Discussion on: How would you define a Full Stack Developer and what role do they play in the company?

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MetaDave 🇪🇺

I wonder what fraction of full stack developers are, or are expected to be, completely proficient in SQL?

It's a critical part of the stack of many apps, but I've met few web developers who could write anything but the most simple query.

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Frank Carr

In all the interviews I had, SQL was a big part of them for corporate IT type jobs. I had to describe all I had done with both Oracle and SQL Server databases and answer some rather easy questions about joins and group by as well as some more difficult ones on some tricky details of SSIS and SSRS.

For the 2 interviews I had at tech companies for full stack positions, it never came up. I suspect the interviewers didn't really understand SQL themselves and didn't feel comfortable about asking me about them.