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What changes can mixed reality UIs bring to webdev?

I'm pretty sure you watched Microsoft Ignite 2021 yesterday and if you didn't you might find it interesting.

When I was watching the show I was wondering if those UIs could change our concepts in webdev, in how we do UIs on desktop and mobile or if the field will become main stream or at least heavily adopted.

When mobile came into the ecosystem, we adapted and started launching our websites and webapps with responsive design to the point that today we code following "mobile first" practices.

Do you think that at some point we will be able to talk about "mixed reality first" or "view compatible with mixed reality UI"?

Will there be designers and front ends moving from webdev to mixed reality? (Perhaps this is already happening).

Perhaps the concept of "Full Stack" will expand even further to encompass VR/AR content as well?

What are your bets in this field?

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